Gene Avakyan

Gene Avakyan on the stage


Gene Avakyan has 26 years of experience in all aspects of technical leadership and projects in Government, Entertainment, and Cybersecurity industries.

Gene has earned his Aerospace Engineering bachelor’s degree from UCLA and an MBA from Pepperdine University. Gene is currently consulting FAA on an infrastructure project.

In the private sector, Gene is the CEO and co-founder of VUGA Media Group and Edison Aerospace, and the CTO and co-founder of 24Fashion TV and celebrity reality television channel Gossip Stone TV. Gene is also the main inventor, CEO and co-founder of Shoreline Protection Technology.

Systems designed by Gene have managed over $13 billion in combined contracts.

Gene received an award from MOSAIC federation (international organization of CIA, FBI, and other intelligence and law enforcement agency) for helping in the fight against human slavery and trafficking.


Gene previously worked with dot com giants TrueCar, Zag, and Spark Networks in managing high-availability production systems with millions of users.

He has been awarded for his work with the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office T.O.U.G.H. nuisance property abatement system used to integrate City, State, and Federal law enforcement efforts in fighting local organized crime and for his work on the City of Los Angeles LABAVN contract management system.

Gene has developed and supported procurement and contract management systems that power the City of Los Angeles and the Federal Aviation Administration’s procurement, contract, and invoice management systems, managing over $13 billion in combined contracts over the years.

Gene Avakyan co-produced the media campaign around a 2016 US Presidential Candidate during the election campaign and produced the live VR broadcast from the 2018 Critics’ Choice Awards.

Successful Entrepreneur


Gene Avakyan, an accomplished businessman, has founded and currently leads several companies across various industries.

Edison Aerospace is an innovative American company that is revolutionizing the commercial and defense aviation industries by harnessing modern sustainable energy technology for the agricultural industry.

Edison is a pioneer in designing electric airplanes to be used by spray operators, making their work more efficient, cost-effective, and safer, while replacing traditional aircraft. Edison Aerospace offers spray operators a complete solution that enables nearly 24/7 operations.

In the defense industry, Gene has developed several novel unmanned platforms for land, sea, and air warfighting for US and its allies.

Shoreline Protection Technology is the first company in the world to fight sea level rise and save coastlines with patented, sustainable, green technology.

Gene Avakyan


VUGA Media Group is a PR/marketing and entertainment conglomerate with over 100 digital newspapers and magazines under its ownership. VUGA Media Group Network sees a combined monthly unique visitor count of over 15 million.

VUGA Publishing - book publishing company, with distribution on Barnes &Noble, Apple, Amazon Kindle, and Good Reads.

Gossip Stone TV, an American celebrity reality TV channel broadcasting on Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and iOS app.

24Fashion TV™ - American fashion channel boasts an international database of fashion industry professionals broadcast on Amazon Fire TV, Roku TV, and iOS. 24Fashion TV has been a media sponsor for major shows in the United States, Europe, and Middle East.

"In the pursuit of innovation, our dreams are the blueprints for tomorrow's reality. We do not just transform our industries—we build a future that reflects our highest aspirations for the world."